Sunday Sittings July 2nd Edition

At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?
Why do doctors leave the room when you change? They’re going to see you naked anyway
How far east can you go before you’re heading west?

If girls with large breasts work at Hooters, then do girls with one leg work at IHOP?
Why is it that everyone driving faster than you is considered an idiot and everyone driving slower than you is a moron?
Is there a time limit on fortune cookie predictions?

How can something be “new” and “improved”? if it’s new, what was it improving on?
Why do people say beans beans the magical fruit when beans are vegetables?
If laughter is the best medicine, who’s the idiot who said they ‘died laughing’?

If money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?
Why does caregiver and caretaker mean the same thing?
How fast do hotcakes sell?

Why are builders afraid to have a 13th floor but book publishers aren’t afraid to have a Chapter 11?
What are the handles for corn on the cob called?
Why do we say we’re head over heels when we’re happy? Isn’t that the way we normally are?

And in parting remember

If life deals you lemons, make lemonade; if it deals you tomatoes, make Bloody Marys.

Have a Good Sunday Everyone