Hespeler’s Downtown Airforce

Bet you didn't know that hespeler has its own airforce, here they are training. Hespeler Rules!!


“They paved paradise and put up a parki…

"They paved paradise and put up a parking lot"..Joni Mitchel's paradise may have been paved over but mine had 2 houses put on it. This is a story about that. Last month was the McLaughlin family's annual reunion and as always happens when family gets together in our advancing years, we talk about many things … Continue reading “They paved paradise and put up a parki…

The great Hespeler Moped Crash of 1973(Best of 2009)

While out walking the other day I watched a kid wipe out on his dirt bike and that reminded me of an incident from my past. It was July of 1973 when the Great Hespeler Moped crash occurred. I was 15 going on 16 and needed a set of wheels, so my parents  bought me a … Continue reading The great Hespeler Moped Crash of 1973(Best of 2009)

Another Way to beat the heat Hespeler style

This past Winter i wrote a little story on how to shovel your driveway(Hespeler Style), now i will tell you how to beat the heat(Hespeler style). Here it is mid July and the weather has just gotten good and stuffy, so how do you beat the heat when you have to go to work everyday, … Continue reading Another Way to beat the heat Hespeler style

Rocking Chairs and Summer Fairs

Hot en­ough for ya? How many times have you heard that one this week? but as summ­er comes full force at us we all look for­ward to per­haps the 2 fin­est months of the year and what they have in store for us. Here in Cambrid­ge we have the For­bes Park fes­tiv­al, Mill Race Folk … Continue reading Rocking Chairs and Summer Fairs


The next two months will be slow around this site, but come fall i will return. I will be posting the odd story or two and a few pictures but nothing exciting. You can keep up on what is going on at the CAMBRIDGE CITIZEN.  Don't forget the Forbes Park Festival is Saturday!

Sunday Sittings July 2nd Edition

At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?Why do doctors leave the room when you change? They're going to see you naked anywayHow far east can you go before you're heading west? If girls with large breasts work at Hooters, then do girls with one leg work at IHOP?Why is it that everyone driving … Continue reading Sunday Sittings July 2nd Edition