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Jack Courtney-Super Agent

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My how times have changed. I had to renew my car insurance, and decided to check around for quotes. What a shock i was in for. On-line quotes have replaced the personal one on one, and when i did talk to someone they had no interest in anything but securing my business. Made me long for the old way of doing things, when you walked into an office and talked to somebody who knew you and loved to chat. Like when Jack Courtney was in business.
He was my very first insurance agent, and walking into his little cramped office on Queen Street was always a pleasure. He knew his customers well and knew the history of your family also. He always had a story to tell and wanted to know the latest jokes that you could tell him. And as always his spittoon was sitting close by for his chewing tobacco to be spit in, and on one occasion he asked if i wanted to try to hit the spittoon, needless to say i declined. His interest in his clients went as far as looking at the vehicle and finding out what he was insuring and not just taking the money and running. I never had to file a claim with him, so i don’t know how he was at that but i feel it was as comfortable as getting the insurance in the first place.
I miss customer service like that.


Andrew Gold August 2 1951-June 3 2011

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