Peaceful Easy feeling

Where do you go to relax and get away from it all? This may seem
strange to some but when i am in need of shutting out the world there
are two ways i do it. One is meditation which i tend to do as often as
possible but sometimes i need a different approach and for that i head
to the cemetery. I know that it sounds weird but to sit amongst the
truly at peace people is some what calming. They have no deadlines to
meet, no bills to pay, and they are very good listeners for the most
part. To sit amongst my departed family members and Friends is like a
family reunion that i am in charge of. It allows me to pour out my
feelings and know that i am not being judged by society, there is no
standard that i must meet to be allowed to talk to them. It allows me
time to gather my thoughts and recharge my emotions. It is basically a
truly PEACEFUL EASY FEELING. On Saturday i am headed to an out of town
cemetery to visit my paternal Grandmother and Grandfather and see what
trouble old George[mygreat-grandfather] has gotten himself into lately
in the next world. Enjoy your day and remember even though you may
not see them your deceased relatives and Friends know when you visit
them and they appreciate it. AWEN

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