A New fuel?

Has Union gas found an Eco-friendly fuel that we can use to heat our
homes this winter? According to the latest from Wiki-leaks the major
home heating suppliers have found a way to convert their customers tears
that happen when they open their heating bill into a fuel that will
burn clean and save us money.

With the the heating prices rising this winter misery derived fuel may
be a saving grace for us all. According to the leaked documents”Most
customers are pathetic cryers who bawl like babies everytime they open
our bills and we plan to use that to our advantage” a spokesman for the
energy companys is quoted as saying. The low-emission, carbon-efficient
tear-based product of the nation’s suffering will be called Sadgas. The
only drawback is that they still have yet to find a way to gather all
the tears before the spring set’s in and people will be outside more and
have their heat off, or many will be living in their car anyway.


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