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My Thought of the Day

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In retrospect, I see now that my Silly String
ray-gun might’ve looked a little too real
as far as the cops were concerned — but I
honestly thought my tin-foil-and-pie-plate
armor would’ve held up better than it did.


For Sale: One Used Town

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For Sale: One slightly used town. Close to River. Includes a ready to move in Downtown Core. Six Million Dollar Minimum Bid.

In an effort to defray the costs of the drayton Theatre the City of Cambridge has listed Hespeler for sale on E-Bay.  Mayor Craig said he was reluctant to do this but decided for the sake of the City to do it” Nobody in the rest of Cambridge will really miss that part of town anyway. Let’s Face it, Drayton will be in Galt and Preston is the gateway to Kitchener and Hespeler leads to where? Guelph? Nobody goes there anyway”  Even though hespeler is a growing community it continually endures third class treatment in the City.  The Waterloo Record thinks Cambridge is Preston and Galt only anyway. Heck the Police have basically written off the town as they are very seldom seen there.  “The six million raised will off set any over rides on the cost of the theatre and that will help my Legacy,oops I mean the City’s legacy” was the mayors comment.  And Gary Price added ” Very few of the people from hespeler cross the 401 anyway, and so charging them admission to the rest of Cambridge won’t be that much of a hardship on them” When asked who he thought would be interested in buying Hespeler Mayor Craig stopped and thought for a moment and then stated” Someone with six million dollars”.

Streets of this Town

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At Dusk as the snows lightly fall

I go down to the streets where my childhood lay

Memory’s always fludd my mind

And to the Friends that are no longer here, i call.


Alfie crashed his truck in 74

his dogs that were his companions were never found

and there was nothing in life he loved more

And i see him now through the snow

Still walking his best friends

On the Streets of this town.


Wayne finished school in 75

Went to Europe to find himself

he never came back, he has never been found

His record collection sat waiting to be played

Now tonight i hear them being spun

On the streets of this town.


Paul was a daredevil, a rocker and a fool

Probably my best friend through High School

We sat up many a night drinking

and talking about our plans

Someday this town we would rule

but a boating accident claimed him in 79

Now he indeed is King

On the Streets of this Town


Billy’s mother died when he was small

he never got over her loss

And wound up sinking into the haze of alcohol

On a warm summer evening in 82

Beside the diamonds where as a kid he played ball

He took his last drink and sent himself to be with his beloved Mom

Now i can see them both sitting on the curb

laughing and telling jokes

On the streets of this Town.


The gentleman of the group was Hubert

An actor and singer, we thought he had it all

He didn’t drink or smoke, his body was his temple he swore

He dressed a little differently and an imposing fiqure he was at 6′4

Off to New York he went in 81

Success was just around the corner he told us all

The last time i saw him he was thin and pale

In the Winter of 95 we got the news

AIDS had claimed another one, our Hamlet had died

But now he play’s to a happy audience

On the Streets of this Town


Ten of us hung together from as far back as i can recall

five have left for the other side

But as the snow gently falls all around

Those of us left behind, smile to the long gone.

We have a drink to their memory, and sit and wonder

Will anybody see us when we start walking

The Streets of this Town

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1st Hespeler Santa Claus Parade

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