My Thought of the Day

In retrospect, I see now that my Silly Stringray-gun might've looked a little too realas far as the cops were concerned -- but Ihonestly thought my tin-foil-and-pie-platearmor would've held up better than it did. Dury - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll


For Sale: One Used Town

For Sale: One slightly used town. Close to River. Includes a ready to move in Downtown Core. Six Million Dollar Minimum Bid. In an effort to defray the costs of the drayton Theatre the City of Cambridge has listed Hespeler for sale on E-Bay.  Mayor Craig said he was reluctant to do this but decided … Continue reading For Sale: One Used Town

Streets of this Town

At Dusk as the snows lightly fall I go down to the streets where my childhood lay Memory’s always fludd my mind And to the Friends that are no longer here, i call.   Alfie crashed his truck in 74 his dogs that were his companions were never found and there was nothing in life … Continue reading Streets of this Town