The Apple Tree

I wish i could go back to a better time
When things were easier in my mind
Find that old Apple tree i used to climb
On those long summer nights that never seemed to end.

I can still see Grandma and Grandpa sitting on the old swing
They were going on ninety still holding hands
We all sat around them, being loved all the same
We were the court and they were Queen and King

Those wonderful summer nights
Hanging with my friends
Arguing about sports,girls and life
we thought it was our divine right
To lay under those starry lights
And that it would never end.

We were gypsy\’s in a different land
We looked out for each other
and never worried about times shifting sands
We would never grow old, we would always be around

But Time is an evil master that none of us can survive
So as i stand at your Grave, i say so long my Gypsy Compadre
It was a pleasure to have been your friend
Your passing leaves a hole in our world
You never let us down
I just wish i could have been there for you at the end

Another one is gone of the group of ten
All the four of us left can do is stare
As they lower your casket into the ground
I wonder, will that Apple tree ever be found