Swinging babes of my youth

One thing that no man can agree on is what makes a woman hot. some like
legs, some like figure and some like personalities. No guy can agree on
anything, what i am putting forth here,is my list of the ten
swinginest woman of my youth. They all have a little something
different and some may not be what turns others on but, it’s my list so
here it goes.

10.Marilyn Monroe–The ultimate pin up girl

9.Ann Margaret–oozed sexuality

8.Raquel Welch–Nobody could beat her in a bathing suit

7.Bridgett Bardot–Even Elton John thought she was sexy

6.Ursula Andress–Or as we used to call her Ursula Undressed

5.Aretha Franklin–Made big woman and gospel sexy

4.Barbara Eden.–rubbed many a bottle trying to find one like her

3.Nancy Sinatra–Those boots could have walked all over me

2. Goldie Hawn–Sock it to me, baby

1.Elizabeth Montgomery–Man did she make witchcraft sizzle.

So there you have it, now let the debates begin.


3 Replies to “Swinging babes of my youth”

  1. #8 pretty sure you couldn’t beat with out the bathing suit,,the girl was toned and i do believe she’d beat you.
    aretha,,well,, she would demand respect. and even i would give it..!!! that’s one big girl !!!
    and how freakin’ old r u ?

  2. Strong choices, all. If I were compiling a list of my top ten all-time champion beauties, I’d agree with you on several of these ladies… Ann Margaret, Racquel and Marylin, in particular.

    But I’ve always been about the bombshells, you know?

  3. Nothing wrong with the bombshells, hell this list beats all the so called posers out there today.

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