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The New Zehrs

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Having grown up in Hespeler I was used to the small original Zehrs that was located where liquidation World is now, and before that the small corner grocery stores, the Red and White etc..but now the new Zehrs is open and it is a large store, as a matter of fact here is a picture of me in my state of confusion.


More Ingenuity from Hespeler

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Thats a comfortable ride!

Summer So Far…The Elton John Edition

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I hope everyone is having a great summer, I know that i have not been posting much but, hell i am having too good of a summer to do much writing, that is why some of my posts are just repeats. It has  been a busy summer and there is still more to come and one of the events i went to this year was 2 weeks ago at Copps Coliseum. Sir Elton John was in town and my wife and I decided to go to the show. I had not seen him live since the mid 70’s while he was on his Captain fantastic tour, I believe it was in 74 or 75.  And as usual he put on a great show and everyone had a great time. the following pictures are from the show, but since i don’t own a great camera some of the pictures are a little fuzzy, but you get the idea anyway.  So enjoy what is left of summer and i will see you all soon.

look at the sea of humanity

My wife and I at the end of the night, teenagers we are not!

Swinging babes of my youth

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One thing that no man can agree on is what makes a woman hot. some like
legs, some like figure and some like personalities. No guy can agree on
anything, what i am putting forth here,is my list of the ten
swinginest woman of my youth. They all have a little something
different and some may not be what turns others on but, it’s my list so
here it goes.

10.Marilyn Monroe–The ultimate pin up girl

9.Ann Margaret–oozed sexuality

8.Raquel Welch–Nobody could beat her in a bathing suit

7.Bridgett Bardot–Even Elton John thought she was sexy

6.Ursula Andress–Or as we used to call her Ursula Undressed

5.Aretha Franklin–Made big woman and gospel sexy

4.Barbara Eden.–rubbed many a bottle trying to find one like her

3.Nancy Sinatra–Those boots could have walked all over me

2. Goldie Hawn–Sock it to me, baby

1.Elizabeth Montgomery–Man did she make witchcraft sizzle.

So there you have it, now let the debates begin.

Some Books about Cambridge I may write some Day

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As someone who dabbles in writing, I am always looking for new ideas and as many do, I plan to write the Great Canadian novel.  Chances are good that it will never happen but, it is worth a shot.  And any good(or hack) writer needs inspiration and i get mine from the people and events that are around me, and so what better place to start then in my own City of Cambridge, looking around i think i have come up with some ideas and as such think that you the readers of the Advocate could help me decide on the topic. So here are some of my ideas.

The wit and wisdom of Lary Turner( Vol 1)

Doug,Ben and Drayton, A Love story

The Social life of Me(A short story)

Dan Donahue: the Mustache and the Man

The Idiots guide to Cambridge democracy

Flashlight Freddie: the never ending chase

Steve Green: Why I think the Chess team is cool

Everything Jim From knows about woman, but keeps to himself!

Cambridge Politics, the great moments in watching paint dry!

Rick Cowsill: How to make friends in Politics!

So that is just a few of my ideas, now i am going to lock my doors before the mayors flying Monkees come looking for me again.

A little summer relaxing!

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Sittings…vol 4

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I always wanted to be somebody, but maybe i should of been more specific
“Sex is one of the nine reasons for re-incarnation, the other eight don’t matter”–Henry Miller
Last night i dreamed i had insomnia

“The problem with the world is that everyone is always a few drinks behind me”–Humphrey Bogart
Murphy was a freaking optimist
My wife and i like to have hallway sex-we pass each other in the hall and tell each other to f### off

How come you can kill a deer and put it’s head on a wall but you are not allowed to keep one as a pet?
If electricity comes from electrons does morality come from morons?
Why is Charlie short for Charles when they both have the same amount of letters?

In France a cinnamon roll is sometimes called a Nuns Fart
“The urge to save humanity is almost always a front for the urge to rule”–H.L. Mencken
I may not be able to buy happiness but i still want the money

Farfrompoopin–Another word for constipation
Fact: No man has ever been shot and killed by his wife while doing the dishes.
You can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater because then all you will have is a wet critically injured baby.

Everyone has to have a goal in life, mine is to ruin as many peoples dreams as possible
Sex is like being in the army,the closer to discharge you get the better you feel
“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”–Confucians

And in parting remember the words of my Father; Never trust the dog to watch your food

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