The New Zehrs

Having grown up in Hespeler I was used to the small original Zehrs that was located where liquidation World is now, and before that the small corner grocery stores, the Red and White etc..but now the new Zehrs is open and it is a large store, as a matter of fact here is a picture … Continue reading The New Zehrs


Summer So Far…The Elton John Edition

I hope everyone is having a great summer, I know that i have not been posting much but, hell i am having too good of a summer to do much writing, that is why some of my posts are just repeats. It has  been a busy summer and there is still more to come and … Continue reading Summer So Far…The Elton John Edition

Swinging babes of my youth

One thing that no man can agree on is what makes a woman hot. some likelegs, some like figure and some like personalities. No guy can agree onanything, what i am putting forth here,is my list of the tenswinginest woman of my youth. They all have a little somethingdifferent and some may not be what … Continue reading Swinging babes of my youth

Some Books about Cambridge I may write some Day

As someone who dabbles in writing, I am always looking for new ideas and as many do, I plan to write the Great Canadian novel.  Chances are good that it will never happen but, it is worth a shot.  And any good(or hack) writer needs inspiration and i get mine from the people and events … Continue reading Some Books about Cambridge I may write some Day

Sittings…vol 4

I always wanted to be somebody, but maybe i should of been more specific “Sex is one of the nine reasons for re-incarnation, the other eight don’t matter”–Henry Miller Last night i dreamed i had insomnia “The problem with the world is that everyone is always a few drinks behind me”–Humphrey Bogart Murphy was a … Continue reading Sittings…vol 4