You Can’t argue with this!

Who to vote for Mayor? Who should we vote for in our ward? Is Drayton Good? On here it is almost impossible to get a consensus about it, but one thing that everyone agrees on here is our love of Food.  Debbie likes Food, Margaret likes Food, Ben Tucci likes food even  Jim Howard likes Food, that we can all agree on. Now before you try to come up with an argument about it , just stop and think about it. Everyone you have ever encountered likes food, some may like it more than others, and some may like stuff that you despise, but the bottom line is we all like Food. I have never eaten a meal with the Mayor, but i am sure he sits down to a good heapen helping of Mashed Potatoes just like most of us. You walk downtown and people come up to you and ask you for some money so they can buy food, it is that popular. You may say your kid is a picky eater, but guess what eventually the kid does eat, you just have to figure out what it is he/she likes to eat. Some people don’t like Asparagus, so they drown it in a sauce, but they still eat it because it is food. There is food for everyone, hamburgers,hotdogs,steaks hell donuts are food, so is cereal, and what do you do when you watch a movie, you eat popcorn and yes that is a food. Some food may be more popular that others but it is all food, that you can not argue with. Now, Margaret and Waycat, about that frickin Asparagus!

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