Improving Cambridge(Part 1)

Everybody has ideas on what is wrong with Cambridge and on how to improve things. So in thinking about it(really, i got to get back to work, too much free time) here in my humble “Old Hespeler” opinion are a few ways to improve and beautify the city.
Health care is an interesting issue, and the waits in the Emergency room seem to be a problem but i have one way to improve that. RUBBER SIDEWALKS, that’s right rubber sidewalks, let’s think about this, on any giving Friday or Saturday night the emergency room will contain many people with alcohol related injuries, if the sidewalks were made of rubber,people like me wouldn’t hurt themselves when they stumble out of a bar and therefore reduce the need to go seek medical attention.
Perhaps you help reduce the hydro costs in this city by not using 10 million watt Christmas decorations and leave them on through February. It seems simple enough for me.
In order to beautify the city we don’t need to spend a lot of money, we just need to do some simple things, like outlawing SPANDEX, it is the scourge of our population. I don’t care how sculptured your body is, I and people visiting this city do not need to see the crack of someones ass, or the bulge in the pants, i cringe every time i see someone wearing spandex and think, what if they caught on fire and had to remove those pants in a hurry, couldn’t be done and that would result in a visit to the emergency room, again, needlessly wasting our Hospital’s resources. Oh, and wearing pj’s in public? An eyesore.
Now finally, the Drayton situation. If it goes through i have some ideas for extra curricular use of it. I think that the CAMBRIDGE ADVOCATE should be giving office space in it, thereby assuring a constant stream of people through the building. We extend GO TRANSIT through to the West Side and use the theater as a bus depot, selling tickets and such would allow constant income to be received. I have a whole lot more of uses for Drayton, but that is another column altogether.
And last but not least I think we make Joe Lethbridge Secretary of looking cool. Now that would give this City a boost. I hope the Council at least takes a look at some of these options, because i have more to come in the next few months. And remember, I can always be found,you just have to look.

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