You Can’t argue with this!

Who to vote for Mayor? Who should we vote for in our ward? Is Drayton Good? On here it is almost impossible to get a consensus about it, but one thing that everyone agrees on here is our love of Food.  Debbie likes Food, Margaret likes Food, Ben Tucci likes food even  Jim Howard likes … Continue reading You Can’t argue with this!


Organization of unconcerned Cambridge Citizens

Myself and over 20,000 other Cambridge citizens have gotten together and formed a new special disinterest group, the organization of unconcerned Cambridge Citizens. We feel that the Politicians in this city are completely out of touch with we citizens who are completely out of touch with local politics.  Why is the city council always debating … Continue reading Organization of unconcerned Cambridge Citizens

Another of Gary and Karls great Adventures

A lot has been made of Karl Kiefer and Gary Price and their excursions on the City Dime, but did you know that they made a humanitarian trip on their own money? It happened last year and has never been reported in either the Cambridge Times or in the Cambridge Advocate, so i thought i … Continue reading Another of Gary and Karls great Adventures

Some Books about Cambridge I may write some Day

As someone who dabbles in writing, I am always looking for new ideas and as many do, I plan to write the Great Canadian novel.  Chances are good that it will never happen but, it is worth a shot.  And any good(or hack) writer needs inspiration and i get mine from the people and events … Continue reading Some Books about Cambridge I may write some Day

Improving Cambridge(Part 1)

Everybody has ideas on what is wrong with Cambridge and on how to improve things. So in thinking about it(really, i got to get back to work, too much free time) here in my humble “Old Hespeler” opinion are a few ways to improve and beautify the city.Health care is an interesting issue, and the … Continue reading Improving Cambridge(Part 1)

Take this seriously why don’t ‘ya

So I was sitting in front of my computer tonight Thinking about the last Advocafe’s get- together And wondering if i should take that job offer i had I started wondering what a protest march of The Advocate would look like Then i realise we weren’t up the proverbial creek, I found it. But i … Continue reading Take this seriously why don’t ‘ya