How is your Beer Store?

Tim Hortons and the Beer Store, what do these two things have in common? Almost every town and city in Ontario has one, and this is about our Beer store.

When people ask for directions the Beer Store gets used as a measuring stick”Go down Queen street and you turn at the first street past the Beer Store” or “if you past the Beer Store you have gone too far”.  When we travel through Ontario, almost all of us can find that towns Beer store, we can’t find the grocery store but we sure as hell know where the beer store is.  We know that the Bala Store doesn’t carry Sleeman brands, while the Kenora store does. The Beer store sign stands like a beacon to the thirsty and tells travellers that they are almost at their destination, and this leads me to my point. Why in the Hell does the Hespeler beer store look like it belongs in a Louisiana swamp, if you look at it the parking lot is cracked and the building looks like it was just dropped there and forgotten about.  When you come into Hespeler,one of the first things you see is the Beer Store, and it is an eyesore, so Forget Drayton, give us a decent Beer Store, we don’t need 6 Million, use the money left over to give Preston a good one as well. I know this isn’t as high on politicians list’s but Mayor Craig, if you want my vote you will push for this, we already have a sweet ass new liquor store, now we need a new Beer store, and I know you don’t have a say in it, but can you put in a good word for us, and if you do I promise not to print anymore articles about you and your secret army of Flying monkeys. Of course you also have to do something about that summer smell while we wait in line for our beer, but that is for another day.

Below are two pictures, one is of the Hespeler beer store, the other is of a Beer Store in Galt. You tell me which one looks more appealing.  So remember, have one for me.


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