Hockey day In Hespeler

The men who were young at heart started arriving a little after twelve on this cool sunny Saturday afternoon in Hespeler. It was Hockey day in Canada and in about one hour the parking lot of the Hespeler legion would be transformed into a makeshift Hockey Arena and the Men of the Legion would, for … Continue reading Hockey day In Hespeler


Mayor and the Flying Monkeys

A little while ago I wrote a story on how I had a bad day and I blamed it all on the Mayor and his Flying monkeys, well yesterday I had another one of those days and again I will blame it on The Mayor and of course his Flying monkeys. It all started as … Continue reading Mayor and the Flying Monkeys

When I was a Teen

When i was a teenager growing up in this town words had a slightly different meaning:Memory was something you lost with ageAn application was for employmentA program was a television showA cursor used profanityA keyboard was a pianoA web was a spiders homeA virus was what you caughtA CD was a bank accountA hard drive … Continue reading When I was a Teen