The Man in the Overcoat

I was born in 1957 and for the first few years of my life lived across from the Hespeler Cemetery, which in itself makes for a great story and comes into play for this “Ghost” story.
 While we lived on Phin Avenue my Maternal Grandmother lived down the road on Cooper Street and by the age of 4 i discovered that my mother would be busy looking after my 2 older siblings and worrying about my younger sister and that would leave me time to plot my devious plans to take over the world..okay so maybe not that, but anyway it left me sometimes unattended. And with those times i managed to escape the house and wander down the few blocks to my grandmothers house where of course i would get in supreme crap from her and my Mother would have to come down and get me. Now as you may have noticed i did not mention my maternal Grandfather, as he had died many years before i was born and of course was buried in the cemetery across the road, and that is where the Man in the overcoat comes into play.
   I had made it down the street and across the road a few times and in every occasion there was the same older man wearing an overcoat and hat that would help me across the street, now being 4 years old i never thought much of it until the very last time i got away with it. As my mother picked me up and was giving me hell for it my Grandmother asked how in the heck did i cross the street without being hurt? And the answer i found out did not sit well, i pointed at a picture of my late grandfather wearing his favorite overcoat and hat, and said that the man in the picture helped me, needless to say both my mother and my grandmother were speechless, and when they recovered they ignored my question about who the man was and why did he never come in and how did he know my name, the topic was never brought up until many years later when one of my grand-daughters saw the picture in my mom’s house and asked who that was, my Mother said that it was her daddy, and asked my grand-daughter why she was interested in the picture, the answer was not expected.  “I saw him in Forbes park when i was on the swings and he waved to me”
   You can believe it or not, as for me, well i think i will go buy some flowers and put it on his grave.

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