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Is the Mayor “SATAN”

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It seems that a lot of people on this site think that Mayor Craig is Satan personified, so in the spirit of halloween here are some signs that the Mayor is indeed Satan!
 His business card say’s “Lucifer”
 When ever he walks into a room eerie chanting can be heard
 His Attache case is full of ‘Souls”
 There are cloven Hoof marks ingrained into the carpet in his office
 He has a framed picture of himself and Donald Trump
 His i-pod has only Britney Spears on it
 He keeps a 3-headed fire breathing guard dog at his house
 He has his own elevator at city hall..with only a down button
 Those ugly ties
 He is downsizing city hall and he just bought a guillotine
The skeleton in his closet is real
 His damn flying monkeys
 Is friends with Rosie O’Donnell
 Spends way too much time with Gary Goodyear
 And finally..his office door signs say’s GATES OF HELL.
   Have a safe Halloween everyone

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Help from beyond

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Since my Father passing in 1997 i have often felt his presence around my Mother and the following story just confirmed to me that the spirit world does work in mysterious ways.
   I was working late nights at the time of this happening and play’s significantly into the story. Because of my late nights i often turned my phone ringer off before going to bed, and that evening was no different.But at about 4:45 in the morning a heard a crash in the living room that woke me up with a jolt, and i went out to see what it was that fell, it was my Mom and Dad’s 50th Wedding anniversary photo that had somehow fallen off the fireplace mantel, and as i bent down to pick up the picture i notice that the red light on my phone was flashing indicating that a call was coming in, but since the ringer was off i would not have know until morning that i had a call. I picked up the phone but i must have been too late as all i got was a dial tone, i checked the missed call list and noticed it was from my Mother, and now worrying that something had happened i called her back but got no answer so decided to run over to her house( have you ever seen a 5’10” 210 lb out shape beer drinker run, you don’t wanna) to see what had happened. I let myself into her building and knocked on her door and heard my mother yelling something i wasn’t sure of, so having a set of her keys i opened her front door and went in to find her laying on the bathroom floor. She had gotten up to use the facilities and had slipped and twisted her ankle and was stuck on the floor, unable to lift herself up. i got her up and back into bed and insisted that i take her to the doctor first thing in the morning, she agreed and i got ready to leave when i saw her phone. It was in the living room still on the cradle. She had never made a call to my house! I left without saying anything to her and as i stepped out into the early morning mist there must have been something in my eye because i swear i saw my Dad’s face in the cloud’s that were overhead, and he was smiling.

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The Man in the Overcoat

In Uncategorized on October 9, 2009 at 12:45 am

I was born in 1957 and for the first few years of my life lived across from the Hespeler Cemetery, which in itself makes for a great story and comes into play for this “Ghost” story.
 While we lived on Phin Avenue my Maternal Grandmother lived down the road on Cooper Street and by the age of 4 i discovered that my mother would be busy looking after my 2 older siblings and worrying about my younger sister and that would leave me time to plot my devious plans to take over the world..okay so maybe not that, but anyway it left me sometimes unattended. And with those times i managed to escape the house and wander down the few blocks to my grandmothers house where of course i would get in supreme crap from her and my Mother would have to come down and get me. Now as you may have noticed i did not mention my maternal Grandfather, as he had died many years before i was born and of course was buried in the cemetery across the road, and that is where the Man in the overcoat comes into play.
   I had made it down the street and across the road a few times and in every occasion there was the same older man wearing an overcoat and hat that would help me across the street, now being 4 years old i never thought much of it until the very last time i got away with it. As my mother picked me up and was giving me hell for it my Grandmother asked how in the heck did i cross the street without being hurt? And the answer i found out did not sit well, i pointed at a picture of my late grandfather wearing his favorite overcoat and hat, and said that the man in the picture helped me, needless to say both my mother and my grandmother were speechless, and when they recovered they ignored my question about who the man was and why did he never come in and how did he know my name, the topic was never brought up until many years later when one of my grand-daughters saw the picture in my mom’s house and asked who that was, my Mother said that it was her daddy, and asked my grand-daughter why she was interested in the picture, the answer was not expected.  “I saw him in Forbes park when i was on the swings and he waved to me”
   You can believe it or not, as for me, well i think i will go buy some flowers and put it on his grave.

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Ghost Dancer

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A picture of myself dancing at my youngest daughters wedding a couple of years ago. But who is that with us in the left habd side of the picture?

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A Dying call?

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Since this is October and is the season of Halloween, i have decided to share, over the course of the next few weeks some Ghost story’s of mine.
  Now, most people are not aware of this but I am a member of the New order of Bards and Druids, a spiritual group that follows some tenants of the old way’s of Druidism.  This has over the course of the last 35 years allowed me to open my mind up to other senses that may be out there in our universe. Also growing up in a house that was over 100 years old when i lived in it provided me with some interesting story’s, some of which i have already published on this site.
  This first story occurred the other day, so let me begin…Merle was an old friend of mine from my College day’s in the 70’s and a founding member in our little Grove of Druid believers. He was the main man in this Grove and the one who really kept it going well into the late 90’s when commitments and dwindling membership led us to dissolve the Grove on an operational level. We had meetings on occasion, but they were few and far between and when he moved to Vancouver for business reasons the end of an Era occurred. We stayed in contact and the few times he came back to the area we got together and the spiritual connection stayed, and that is where this story get’s spooky.
 Friday morning i awoke at around 4:35 am with a sudden and sharp pain in my left foot and was accompanied by shivers that i could not explain. However it passed and i was able to get back to sleep and awoke at my usual time  like nothing was wrong. Boy was i incorrect there, for at 11:30 am i received a phone call from merles daughter in Vancouver informing me that Merle had died of a heart attack at approximately 1:35 am pacific time, 4:35 our time. Was Merle trying to contact me at that moment to say goodbye? Well that is for others to decide, and as for my sore foot that morning, well Merle had a club foot, yes his left foot was the one!

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