Last Bar Stool by the Door

The last bar stool by the door

that is where i view the world from

Hey Mister Bartender friend, pour me another one

and that cute girl at the end needs another Rum.

It’s twelve O’clock and i am not ready to leave

I’ve worked my eight hours and i have nowhere important to go

perhaps a fight will find me tonight

or an ex-lover will come knocking and bring me to my knees.

Hey, here comes old Dick Malloy

once he was king of this town

a golden glove boxer and a champ in his youth

he can tell you his fights round by round

but now he lives in a carboard hotel.

And there is Mick, a shark if there ever was one

his tales of travel have everyone spellbound

he has the whole bar convinced he fought in ‘Nam

but the truth be known, he has been nowhere at all.

And poor old Connie our friendly barmaid

a hefty gal, she carries herself with pride

all she wants from tonight is a chance to get laid

Chris there talks a great game

his hockey carrear was cut suddenly short

he claims his leg went lame

but we all know Alcohol was to blame.

All of us in here have the same old story

We all carry the same curse

We love our drinks

We love to shoot the brezze

And we all are on the brink.

Some of us will swim

but most of us will sink.

So next time you walk into a joint like this

take a look around

and look for the guy on the bar stool by the door

perhaps it will be a good day and the story’s will flow

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