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The Throne Room has Been Invaded

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I’ve had it, my space has been invaded, let me tell you about it. You know, they say that a man’s home is his castle(don’t tell my wife that though)and in my castle i had everything where i wanted it, or at least did until the grandchildren started to get older and discovered a few things. Now when i turn on my computer the first thing that comes up is the latest Miley Cyrus news, when i go to my music, somehow Jesse McCartneys music has found it’s way onto my playlists. I go to get into the shower and i have to clear out a rubber duckie or two, and if i watch another episode of “Wizards of Waverly place” it will be too soon. I went to get my lawn mower out of the shed and had to dig thru 4 soccer balls and a ton of badminton rackets and birdies, plus untangle the net that was put away”neatly”(yeah, right.) Now my beer can’t go in the main fridge, as it has been replaced by Kool-Aid Koolers, my cheese mysteriously get’s eaten and i have rediscovered the taste for Pop Tarts. Buy some oranges for a late night snack? Nope, they are gone before i even get close to them and i swear the one granddaughter should be swinging from trees as she eats bananas like there is no tomorrow. But the final straw occurred this past weekend, for in every castle is a throne room and of course for the modern man his throne room is the bathroom. And so Saturday night i went in to do what i do and as i reached into my Newspaper basket to grab some intellectual reading material i blindly opened what i thought was a book of mine i realized that what i had gotten a hold of was in fact one of my granddaughters Dr. Seuss books. I let out a blood curdling scream as i realized that the last Bastien of my privacy had been toppled, i now shared my bathroom reading material with an 8 year old. How would i explain this while having a beer at the Fish with my friends” Guess what guy’s? “i had a great movement and read Green Eggs and ham while i was at it”. No more maxim’s in the crapper..oh, life can be cruel.
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Smiles from Above

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Sometimes it seems that the mind can play tricks on you, or does it?
Baseball has been a big sport in my Dad’s family as far back as i can trace. My Great-Grandfather, my Grandfather, my Father and his brother all played at one level or another. My brother at one time was scouted by the Cincinnati Reds and myself and 4 of my cousins all played at the amateur level and reached the highest levels possible. And last night my grandson began his introduction into the world of baseball. Which leads me to this story.
The sky was a little overcast as Ben’s game began, and as i watched the game i lay in the grass and looked into the clouds and for a brief minute could have sworn that the clouds formed the faces of my Great-Grandfather, Grandfather and my Dad and they were smiling to see another generation of ball players in the family. After Ben singled in a run i looked again but the clouds were gone and the game went on.
Were they really looking down or was my imagination wanting them too? It really doesn’t matter because i know in my heart they were there.

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SingingFool.com – Joan Armatrading – Recommend My Love – Music Video

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SingingFool.com – Joan Armatrading – Recommend My Love – Music Video

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Last Bar Stool by the Door

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The last bar stool by the door

that is where i view the world from

Hey Mister Bartender friend, pour me another one

and that cute girl at the end needs another Rum.

It’s twelve O’clock and i am not ready to leave

I’ve worked my eight hours and i have nowhere important to go

perhaps a fight will find me tonight

or an ex-lover will come knocking and bring me to my knees.

Hey, here comes old Dick Malloy

once he was king of this town

a golden glove boxer and a champ in his youth

he can tell you his fights round by round

but now he lives in a carboard hotel.

And there is Mick, a shark if there ever was one

his tales of travel have everyone spellbound

he has the whole bar convinced he fought in ‘Nam

but the truth be known, he has been nowhere at all.

And poor old Connie our friendly barmaid

a hefty gal, she carries herself with pride

all she wants from tonight is a chance to get laid

Chris there talks a great game

his hockey carrear was cut suddenly short

he claims his leg went lame

but we all know Alcohol was to blame.

All of us in here have the same old story

We all carry the same curse

We love our drinks

We love to shoot the brezze

And we all are on the brink.

Some of us will swim

but most of us will sink.

So next time you walk into a joint like this

take a look around

and look for the guy on the bar stool by the door

perhaps it will be a good day and the story’s will flow

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Ghostly Dog Walks

In Uncategorized on June 2, 2009 at 11:53 pm

My father died 12 years ago and at the time of his death had a pet Collie that he loved and that loved him back. Just weeks after my fathers passing “Duke” suddenly died in his sleep and was buried under my fathers favorite bench in the backyard of the family home to be reunited with his master.
A few months later i was out with my dog for a walk and decided to walk past the park that was a favorite spot for my Dad and Duke to go walking and again i remind you that whether what i saw was real or my mind working overtime is for you to decide even though i feel it was real.
As i entered the park my dog seemed to sense another animal or two and hesitantly went with me into the wooded area. As i got near a group of trees i saw an image of a man walking a dog that looked like my dad and duke, also there was another man walking a dog with him that resembled my Great-Grandfather, even though the dog i did not know. These images only lasted for a few seconds as another dog and his master entered the area that i was in and we continued our walk in peace and quiet.
I go back to that Little park often when walking the dog and occasionally i catch a glimpse of my dad and duke and as i have learned “goose” and my great-Grandfather walking together enjoying their eternity together. It doesn’t happen every time and i wonder how many other spirits are in that park walking their beloved animals. Perhaps someday i will be there as well and someone in family will feel the peace that i do when it occurs.

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