A Dying Call?

As a Young man i dabbled in many spiritual forms and one that i found and still follow today is Druidry. The spiritual connection between some druids is always strong and this morning that connection was unfortunatly put into play. “Merle” was a old friend from my college days in the ’70s and
a founder of our local Grove. He was the one who kept the Grove going
into the mid ’90s when commitments and a dwindling membership led us to
dissolve the Grove on an operational level. We still continued to have
our meetings on special occasions but they were few and far between. In
1998 “Merle” accepted a job in Vancouver and the end of an era
occurred. We stayed in contact and he made a few visits back to town,
and we continued our spiritual paths, but just in different towns. This  morning that all ended.
I awoke at 4:35 am with a severe
pain shooting through my foot that lasted for almost 10 minutes and was
accompanied by shivers that i could not explain. However they went away
and i was able to get to sleep and awoke at my regular time like
nothing was wrong, unfortunately it was not to be. At 11:30 am i
received a phone call from B.C. “Merle” had died of a heart Attack
earlier that morning at approximately 1:35 Pacific Time,4:35 our time.
I believe the energy from him was transferred at the time of his death,
and for those who are wondering about the aching foot, “Merle” had a
club foot.
Another is gone, but his memory lives on.

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