Butterflys and Headstones

Sometimes things appear that make you think. My Mother and i spent a
little time today at the family grave plot and while planting some new
flowers at the sites of my Grandparents, my Aunt and Uncle and my
Father i watched in amazement as 4 monarch butterfly’s appeared out of
nowhere and began to flutter around the graves. Eventually 3 of the
butterfly’s settled on the gravestones of Dad, Grandma and grandpa and
my Aunt and Uncle while the 4th set down on my Mothers shoulder and
seemed to sit there forever. When my mother stood up after saying her
prayer the butterfly’s started to stir and fly in a circle around her,
and followed us to the car where they turned around and went back to
the grave area. And as we drove away the butterfly’s were all sitting
on the headstones again fluttering their wings.
The beauty of the butterfly. The spirits could not have chosen a more fitting way to appear.

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