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What do you have faith in? As Don McLean Say’s in “American Pie” Do you
have faith in God above, Do you believe in Rock and Roll, Can Music
save your mortal soul! And what is faith? Is Faith believing what our
elected leaders tell us is right? Do your Church elders ask you to have
faith in them? As I have stated before I believe in many Gods, but only
have faith in myself. The reason is simple, I believe in doing what is
right, but if I listen to others I will be told that there are 3 ways
different from what I believe. Religion and Faith are two different
things. I have faith that I will do things right, that I will be
faithful to my companion,that I will love my children and grandchildren
equally and that i will Honor my ancestors with the respect they
deserve. I have faith that in the end I will be remembered by friends
and family as a honest man and a good man. I have faith in my abilities
to perform my job to the level of excellence that is expected of me. I
have faith that iwill continue to respect the Mother Earth and treat
her and her inhabitants with the respect they deserve. And i do have
faith that Music can save our mortal soul. PEACE

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Swinging Babes of my younger day’s

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One thing that no man can agree on is what makes a woman hot. some like
legs, some like figure and some like personalities. No guy can agree on
anything, what i am putting forth here,is my list of the ten
swinginest woman of my youth. They all have a little something
different and some may not be what turns others on but, it’s my list so
here it goes.

10.Marilyn Monroe–The ultimate pin up girl

9.Ann Margaret–oozed sexuality

8.Raquel Welch–Nobody could beat her in a bathing suit

7.Bridgett Bardot–Even Elton John thought she was sexy

6.Ursula Andress–Or as we used to call her Ursula Undressed

5.Aretha Franklin–Made big woman and gospel sexy

4.Barbara Eden.–rubbed many a bottle trying to find one like her

3.Nancy Sinatra–Those boots could have walked all over me

2. Goldie Hawn–Sock it to me, baby

1.Elizabeth Montgomery–Man did she make witchcraft sizzle.

So there you have it, now let the debates begin.

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A Dying Call?

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As a Young man i dabbled in many spiritual forms and one that i found and still follow today is Druidry. The spiritual connection between some druids is always strong and this morning that connection was unfortunatly put into play. “Merle” was a old friend from my college days in the ’70s and
a founder of our local Grove. He was the one who kept the Grove going
into the mid ’90s when commitments and a dwindling membership led us to
dissolve the Grove on an operational level. We still continued to have
our meetings on special occasions but they were few and far between. In
1998 “Merle” accepted a job in Vancouver and the end of an era
occurred. We stayed in contact and he made a few visits back to town,
and we continued our spiritual paths, but just in different towns. This  morning that all ended.
I awoke at 4:35 am with a severe
pain shooting through my foot that lasted for almost 10 minutes and was
accompanied by shivers that i could not explain. However they went away
and i was able to get to sleep and awoke at my regular time like
nothing was wrong, unfortunately it was not to be. At 11:30 am i
received a phone call from B.C. “Merle” had died of a heart Attack
earlier that morning at approximately 1:35 Pacific Time,4:35 our time.
I believe the energy from him was transferred at the time of his death,
and for those who are wondering about the aching foot, “Merle” had a
club foot.
Another is gone, but his memory lives on.

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A Bad Family Reunion

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Here are some signs that your family is perhaps a little dysfunctional.

Breakfast nook is now a Meth lab

Your vacations are now booked through AA instead of AAA

Your mom and sister are fighting again…over the last beer

During the family Reunion the FBI cut all power to your home

Hells Angels next door call the police to complain about you

Your son tells you he doesn’t want to be your cell mate next time

You buy 4 mothers day cards, one for each of her personalities

Family Motto: Put the Gun Down

Instead of saying grace, Grandpa reads from the Penthouse Forum

No Roasted Turkey instead all you have is Wild Turkey

New government legislation to ban assault weapons specifically mentions your family.

If you recognize any of these you may be dysfunctional.

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Butterflys and Headstones

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Sometimes things appear that make you think. My Mother and i spent a
little time today at the family grave plot and while planting some new
flowers at the sites of my Grandparents, my Aunt and Uncle and my
Father i watched in amazement as 4 monarch butterfly’s appeared out of
nowhere and began to flutter around the graves. Eventually 3 of the
butterfly’s settled on the gravestones of Dad, Grandma and grandpa and
my Aunt and Uncle while the 4th set down on my Mothers shoulder and
seemed to sit there forever. When my mother stood up after saying her
prayer the butterfly’s started to stir and fly in a circle around her,
and followed us to the car where they turned around and went back to
the grave area. And as we drove away the butterfly’s were all sitting
on the headstones again fluttering their wings.
The beauty of the butterfly. The spirits could not have chosen a more fitting way to appear.

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Some Friday Afternoon Timewasters

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If i were two faced would i be wearing this one–Abe Lincoln
I have found the perfect bedtime story’s to put my grandchildren to sleep, recycled “according to Jim” Television show scripts.
Iguanas,Koalas and Komodo Dragons all have 3 penis’s.

I need tacos or i will explode.I do that sometimes.
If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.
Good looking people turn me off, myself included—Patrik Swaze

God never gives us more than we can handle,luckily a local restaurant has a big boy all you can eat buffet.
Al Capone’s  business card stated that he was a used furniture dealer.
The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is that the Democrats allow poor people to be corrupt as well.

Actually you can beat City Hall. All you need is a bulldozer and a wrecking ball.
If you are feeling good don’t worry, you will get over it.
Reality is a nice place to visit but i really would not want to live there.

If you can’t beat ’em arrange to have them beating.
Slurm=The slime that exists under the soap bar when it sits in the dish too long.
A friend is someone who has the same enemy’s as you.

And in closing remember
Woman are trouble and we Men are trouble seekers.

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