Our Trip To Saint John Part 3. Walking on the Ocean Floor.

Outside of Saint John on route 111 is the Town of St. Martins which sits at the heart of the Bay of Fundy and while it is a little town with a picture perfect view it is also the home of the Red Sea caves and the one place where you can walk on the [...]


Our Trip to Saint John Part 2: The Statues of Downtown

One of the best ideas for a vibrant downtown that I have seen is Saint John's use of everyday statues to bring the camera crowd in. the have most of them in a small area near the bay and the restaurants and shops and at any time you can find someone getting their picture taken [...]

No Sugar Tonight.

The 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of fame nominees have been announced and as usual, they are an eclectic group and all well deserved in their own right. The Acts that are nominated include Bon Jovi, The Eurythmics, Rage Against the Machine, Link Wray, Judas Priest, Radiohead, Depeche Mode,  Nina Simone, Kate Bush, The Cars, [...]